26 de fevereiro de 2012

MINA At Fringe Mobile Art Project

On Friday February 24th, New Zealand time, MINA will be showing a projection of works submitted throughout February for the MINA At Fringe mobile art project. This 16 minute video projection will feature approx 250 photographic images by 42 artists from around the world shot on various mobile devices. All works that were submitted were accepted and shown. The works can also be viewed on the MINA facebook andtumblr sites.
This projection is in addition to the showcase video that has also been shown at the Fringe featuring invited mobile artists. The video can be viewed here. We will also post any further submissions on the MINA facebook and tumblr sites and there might be additional showings before or at the end of the Fringe festival on March 3.
In addition to the photography showcase, mobile films submitted to MINA At Fringe will also be shown.
MINA would like to thank everyone who has submitted their work. We have a great response to the showcase and put mobile art on the map!
The artists featured in the projection (in alphabetical order) are:
  • Rosângela Ap
  • Mike Baldwin, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
  • Lene Basma, Drammen, Norway
  • Erik Beck, Quebec, Canada
  • Donna Buchanan, Auckland New Zealand
  • Ryan Cockrell, South Carolina, USA
  • Colin Corneau, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
  • Sierra de la Croix
  • Edgar Cuevas (EdiCaves)
  • Aaron Davis, Cairns, Australia
  • Johnny Eckó
  • Jennifer Edwards, San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • Adria Ellis
  • Mel Harrison, NSW Australia
  • David Gaw, Australia
  • Janine Graf, Redmond, USA
  • Alessandro Greganti, Turin, Italy
  • Belinda Gregg, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Tod Kapke Denver USA 
  • David Leibowitz, USA
  • Scott Llewel T. Pacaldo, Philippines
  • Andrew Lucchesi, Austin, TX, USA
  • Anna Łuczyńska, Warsaw, Poland
  • Raymond Marquez, Antipolo City, Philippines
  • Rafael Massena
  • AlyZen Moonshadow, Perth, Western Australia
  • Raheem Nelson
  • Georg Nietsch, Munich, Germany
  • Basith Noor
  • Allison Pistohl, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • George Politis, Sydney, Australia
  • Fernando Prats, Barcelona, Spain
  • Rino Rossi, Italy
  • Jeanette Serrat, Philadelphia, USA
  • Shelley Simpson, Auckland New Zealand
  • Christopher Swink, USA
  • THEgDolla
  • Ric Tucker, Tarankai, New Zealand
  • Dorian Warneck
  • Andrew B. White, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Rea White, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Kristen M. Williams, Boone, North Carolina, USA
  • Jean Yu, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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